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We bring unexpected insights and unconventional solutions to the table as strategic consultants who see things from a different vantage point than your leadership team, key stakeholders and/or team members.

Our fully-immersive, “get our hands dirty” strategic consulting services allow us to support you with executive level insights, fresh perspectives and innovative solutions as you plan and execute new initiatives, projects and teams.

We provide committed consulting support with relevant expertise to meet you where you are, when you need it.

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Strategic Planning is a critical process for getting everyone engaged in charting the course for the organization – at every level. We believe strategic plans are needed at every layer of an organization, from the organization at large down to the teams that get stuff done. We also don’t believe it should take a year to complete them only to have them sit on the shelf! We take a fast and furious approach for actionable, flexible plans so you can quickly lay out individual goals and truly manage performance.

Strategic plans establish the direction and clarity that drive results.


Our survey and assessment solutions help you accurately and objectively gauge where you are today, so you can determine how to get where you’re going. We are experts in designing an integrative approach that produces meaningful data and a well-thought-out plan for achieving goals established based on the insights gained.

We offer:

  • The Employee Experience Survey
  • The Purposeful Leader Multi-view Feedback Tool
  • The Purposeful Leader Self-Assessment
  • Semi- & Fully-Customized Surveys and Assessments


Change and evolution are constant, so keeping your finger on the pulse of the macro- and micro-cultures of the organization is critical to ensure alignment and relevancy over the long haul.

Our approach to culture is hands-on and holistic. You’ll be relieved to have a partner to shepherd you through the many moving parts.


From hiring to retiring, managing the talent within your organization is complex and multi-faceted. We take the overwhelm out of your efforts by mapping out a plan to cover all the bases.

Our integrated approach connects the dots for each employee all along their journey with your organization. We help you ensure employees have a career they feel proud of while attaining the results your organization needs them to produce.


We like successful partnerships so we take time to set them up right from the start!

We meet with you and key stakeholders or team members to learn about the organization/team and establish expectations and agreements we will all work from.

We match your needs with the team member to best fit your needs and the culture of your team/organization.

We establish a mid-year check-in & end-of-year evaluation.

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A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see, and who sees before others see.

— Leroy Eimes

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