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At Energize Leadership, we understand how important it is for you to feel confident in knowing that every decision you make about your organization, leadership strategy, employee engagement and talent development efforts is grounded in real, meaningful, hard data. You also want to know if what you’re doing is making a difference. We’ve designed our surveys and feedback tools to give you insights about what matters most.

Let our solutions help you to accurately and objectively gauge where you are today, so you can determine how to get to where you want to be tomorrow!

Core Surveys and Assessments

We’ve plugged decades of experience designing surveys and assessments into core tools that make it easy for you to get the insights you need and take action quickly.

Semi or Fully Customized Surveys and Assessments

We partner with you to design survey and assessment tools that help get to the bottom of what you need to move you forward. We focus on getting the insights that matter most.

Employee Experience Survey

Energize Leadership’s Employee Experience Survey is a powerful tool that allows you to identify your organization’s areas of strength, opportunities for improvement, and the meaningful patterns which reveal how to best engage and empower every member of your organization.

Most importantly, you get a real understanding of what employees are thinking and feeling–the perspectives most instrumental to informing your strategy to fuel momentum. This tool seeks to understand the employee experience so you can focus on making shifts that matter most and provide the most impactful results.

Purposeful Leader Multiview Feedback Tool

Energize Leadership’s Multiview Feedback Tool is a highly effective development instrument that provides leaders with critical insights to strengthen their relationships and increase their results.

Through the feedback process leaders gain awareness of how others experience their leadership and are able to clearly define actions to reinforce relationships, increase engagement, and determine how to effectively channel their talents for continued growth and success. Leaders are supported in receiving the feedback, and transforming it into immediate purposeful action. Our feedback process is designed to directly strengthen a leader’s level of emotional intelligence and encourage increasing frequency and effectiveness of performance dialogue at all levels.

Progress Pulse

Ensure leaders keep momentum as they work toward their goals! Our Progress Pulse micro-survey enables a quick check in on key focus areas selected during the initial Multiview Feedback Process. Updated insights from Progress Pulse facilitate continued conversation and help leaders hold themselves accountable to making ongoing adjustments and continued action to enhance their leadership effectiveness.

Purposeful Leader Self-Assessment

Being a leader is challenging and it is hard to know where to look for the right support along the journey. We make it easier to gauge where you are so you can carve out the best path forward.

The best leaders lead with purpose and intention and we have built a self-assessment tool to help leaders reflect on several holistic dimensions that matter for both the leader him/herself as well as the organization and the people he/she supports. Being a great leader means focusing on yourself just as much as you focus on others – so you can all produce the best results and make the strongest impact.

Our self-assessment helps leaders gain deeper perspective into where they excel and where there are opportunities for adjustment, so they can get rooted in an intentional way of leading, reduce the overwhelm and self-doubt, and truly ignite the leader within.

Semi- and Fully-Customized Surveys and Assessments

Looking for a fully customized survey, feedback tool, or assessment solution? We can help! We work with you to understand what matters the most for your organization. Then we collaboratively design the right tool AND a process that will help get you to the results you’re looking for! Connect with us so we can explore your needs and tailor a strategy that’s right for you.

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