Emotional Intelligence as the Critical Foundation for Your Leadership Success

Did you know?

In a recent study testing Emotional Intelligence and 33 other important workplace skills, EI was found to be the strongest predictor of workplace performance, accounting for a full 58% of success in all types of jobs (TalentSmart). 

Similar studies by TalentSmart have found that 90% of top performers are high in EI. On the flip side, just 20% of bottom performers are high in EI. You can be a top performer without EI, but the chances are slim.

In this free webinar, you will:

  • Put your imaginary lab coat on to understand why and how the brain responds with emotion
  • Learn what Emotional Intelligence is, why it’s important and how it can impact your performance at work
  • Learn the four aspects of Emotional Intelligence that¬†every leader should harness
  • Understand your triggers, energizers, and key drivers to better manage your energy at work and at home
  • Learn how to turn your Emotional Intelligence into a leadership advantage

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