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Most business leaders find themselves on an endless search for solutions to help keep their team on track, increase performance, and create a winning company culture. The Energize Leadership Organizational Health approach gives you the fully-integrated people strategy you need to keep your business running smoothly.

As a leading provider of a holistic suite of organizational effectiveness solutions, our unique approach layers strategic support, leadership & employee development programming, and business & enterprise tools to connect the dots between personal and organizational well-being for a truly high-performing environment.

Whatever stage your business is in, we meet you where you are and help you build the right strategy to move your business to the next level. Our partnership is seamless, as if you’ve gained new team members that are just as invested in your success as you are.

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Organizational Effectiveness

Organize your business for success

You’re successfully gaining revenues, but what is your organizational strategy for achieving your vision…effectively?

Since most employees are unaware or disconnected from the purpose of the business, strategies and operational approaches are unintentional and unable to deliver the necessary results for success. We help connect your purpose to your strategy, your culture, and your operating model and then align structure, people, and process to achieve the vision.

How you’re structured matters and being purposeful in the six fundamental building blocks of an effective organization; leadership, communication, accountability, delivery, performance, and measurement will position your business for sustainable growth by achieving goals more effectively.

Culture Strengthening

Increase your impact with a harmonious, high-performance culture

Building culture takes time and keeping culture requires ongoing commitment. We work hard to align your values and goals to the essentials of a thriving workplace culture. We keep it simple and ensure solutions are integrated into the way you operate and how your people interact.

A good culture is a good community; a community people want to be a part of, that people work hard for and want to keep. When employees are empowered, operate as a team, and take accountability, the community is strengthened.

We help you build a culture that’s strongly committed to its sense of community, which means maintaining your culture becomes the easy part.

Talent Management

Invest In Your People To Drive Success and Boost Your Bottom Line

Your people aren’t simply a cost center, they’re your winning advantage. Actively engaging with and investing in your talent is crucial for achieving a positive return on your business’ biggest expense.

Talent management requires an intentional commitment. We’ll help map out an approach for your entire employee experience (hiring, supporting, advancing, & exiting). Then, we’ll align your people strategy with your business strategy so your people become a differentiated value proposition for your business and help you stand out from the crowd.

To achieve lasting organizational success and ensure your people can get you where you’re going, it’s time to make your talent management practices your best practices. We’ll help you attract the best, hire the best, and keep the best so you can go farther faster.

Team Synergy

Extraordinary teams take you farther

Teams greatly influence the success of a business. Teams create traction and deliver results, but they also can be where things break down.

Effective teams are the result of more than a few team-building sessions, or even just having the right people in the right seats. Teams need structure and support to effectively work together in accomplishing their goals and breathing life into the greater vision for the business.

We’ll help you invest the right resources into the support and development of your teams, so they can reach beyond what’s possible and become extraordinary teams.

Organizational Health Assessment Tools

Rich insights on metrics that move you forward

When was the last time you could confidently say your business was thriving from the inside out? Now you can gauge the areas that matter most and easily showcase success.

We’ve plugged decades of experience designing surveys and assessments into core tools that make it easy for you to get the insights you need and take action quickly. Our assessment capabilities help you hone in on what matters most to employees, customers, leaders, and other stakeholders so you can more easily target areas that will make the biggest difference and showcase your progress along the way.

Whether using our proprietary tools or customizing a solution to suit your unique situation, Energize Leadership partners with you to get the right insights to move your organization forward.

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