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Every business leader needs a trusted confidante. Someone to tell you the hard truth. Someone to see what you don’t see. Someone to build a strategy for achieving your epic vision. We’re the team that’s got your back.

We’re in the business of building healthy businesses where people, customers, and profits thrive.

We firmly believe the workplace should be a place where people achieve their full potential and make a powerful impact on the world around them. Where customers matter and last a lifetime. And where profitability isn’t a bad word because it makes all the difference, for everyone.

We build healthy, thriving, and profitable businesses by strengthening leadership at every level.



We are the consulting firm leaders trust to build an organization that can sustain growth and maintain profitability by focusing on extraordinary leadership and establishing a healthy workplace.

At Energize Leadership we work with leaders to unleash their true potential, increase their impact, and boost their profits. We help leaders unblock themselves, their teams, and their organizations from all that stuff that gets in the way. We focus on harnessing the energy within ourselves and in each other because energized people create energized organizations and energized organizations do amazing things!

Energize Leadership has revolutionized the way leaders achieve success in fast-paced environments. We accelerate the leadership development process through individualized, high-impact tools and learning activities alongside a progressive coaching partner. We take a holistic and integrated approach to our consulting solutions, and we believe strongly in the power of experiences to transform teams and organizations. It is time for leaders to fully step-in to their leadership roles and take the reins on making a positive impact.

With a wide array of expertise in managing organizations and consulting with leaders across industries, the team at Energize Leadership is a full-service leadership consulting firm.

Ultimately, we connect the dots between individuals, organizations, and customers to achieve better outcomes. Leveraging a systems perspective, our insights and solutions span a wide range of service offerings to support strategic planning efforts, executive team effectiveness, talent management, leadership and employee development, retreats, keynote presentations and all-hands meetings, and sourcing for many other organization effectiveness solutions that build healthy and sustainable businesses.

We have a special talent for bringing together highly regarded consultants known for their unique ability to align the interests and needs of both individuals and the business to achieve positive outcomes.



The one thing our clients have in common is the fire in their belly to break the mold and make a lasting impact. Most organizations we serve have revenues between $10-300 million and are looking for a strategic partner for their organization and leadership development efforts. We are provide a seamless, trusted partnership to facilitate forward momentum in the most efficient way.

Are you looking for someone you can rely on to bring expert solutions that actually make a difference without breaking the bank? You definitely need to give us a call!

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For more than 20 years, Kat Rippy has worked with leaders in organizations with 150,000+ employees and budgets of more than $6 billion dollars in addition to many smaller businesses. She has coached an endless stream of leaders in a variety of positions and businesses to reach their goals and make critical shifts in their effectiveness. Additionally, Kat has presented, facilitated, and trained more than 10,000 participants in various leadership topics, keynote addresses and all-hands organization-wide events.

Kat knows what it takes to lead people. With her extensive consulting background in organization development, she’s experienced in working with the organization as a whole to enhance cultural and systemic improvements through coaching, strategic planning, employee development programs and strategic talent management. As a Board Certified Coach, her clients benefit greatly from her system-wide perspective and understanding of how to improve performance through tools and techniques mastered by the world’s greatest leaders.

She founded Energize Leadership because she firmly believes the workplace should be a place where people thrive. Where individual contributions are appreciated, full-potential is an everyday experience, and people have the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Word On The Street

Kat has an ability to see things you don’t see. Her understanding of how humans work is fascinating and so helpful in figuring out how to lead a team well.

Kat and her team have helped our growing business get more organized (with our people and our processes) as we continue to scale. It's a great relief to be able to rely on Energize Leadership to provide everything from leadership coaching to employee development in addition to helping us think more strategically as an executive team as we streamline our operations. They are our ``just-in-time`` resource that's there for us exactly when we need the support!

I'm not sure how I would have gotten through the most overwhelming year of my career without Kat. She helped me get my feet back on the ground, get clarity on my priorities, and was always there for me as I moved from burnout to the next level of leadership. It's been a very long process, but I am more confident about saying no to the wrong things, saying yes to the right things, and continuing to pave my way forward as a key player on the executive team.

Her no-holds-barred personality style coupled with her humor and wit make her fun to work with. She means business and each session has an endless supply of takeaways and action steps.

I’ve greatly benefited from Kat’s way of thinking – I now am able to send my thoughts through her process to determine the next best steps.

As a new CEO, Kat was tremendously helpful for me as I stepped into a new role with high pressure to improve our financial direction. She helped me take better leadership of our board, clarify our goals, and build a vision with the team. It took more than a year (as she said it would!) but we are now seeing steady rises in our profitability and making good progress on our goals.

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