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We Equip Leaders with Emotional Intelligence Skills that Activate Peak Performance

What Separates Good Leaders From Great Leaders?

Mental resilience and peak performance—regardless of circumstances—separate good leaders from great leaders.

The problem? Most transitioning leaders have never been taught how to develop and/or maximize their EQ, which can make it difficult for them to:

  • Manage stress in a healthy manner
  • Utilize critical thinking skills required to prioritize, control impulses, and take
  • Smart risks
  • Express empathy
  • Bounce back from set-backs
  • …and so much more


As a result, they can quickly create an unfavorable reputation in the workplace and begin to fear they’re on the road to failure.

After years of working with leaders at different levels in different industries, we see these challenges every day. We’re all human, and working with others is not always easy.

The Number One Skill To Master

The skill consistently rated most important in today’s workplace is the ability to manage relationships and work well with others. We live in a service-based economy which will become even more so in the years to come as technical work becomes more automated.

Have you experienced any of the following?

  • High performance and high stakes = high stress, which often results in leaders losing their cool, becoming frustrated, explosive or demanding, and unable to make decisions that others are on board with
  • Promoted to leadership but enjoy the work more than what it takes to manage the team, resulting in disengaged employees and an underperforming team
  • Multi-tasking to accomplish goals means moving too fast to take the time to incorporate the right information and the right people, which is showcased in employee feedback about lack of communication and inclusion in decisions
  • Politics get thicker in higher levels of leadership and it is harder to be in the right conversations with a strong reputation
  • Utterly overwhelming amounts of work and expectations that increase year over year leave everyone overwhelmed and burnt-out

After years of working with leaders at different levels in different industries, we see these challenges every day.

We’re all human, and working with others is not always easy.

Our program, Emotional Intelligence: Managing Your Energy for Productivity & Happiness, equips you to understand the significant role emotional intelligence plays in your leadership success.

The program includes 3 highly effective brain and energy management training videos and 4 downloadable resources that are guaranteed to make you a more effective leader:

What You Get



​​​​​​​Learn about the brain’s critical function to your leadership effectiveness and sharpen your self-awareness and ability to make sense of your own emotions.



​​​​​​​Explore your role as a leader in managing the collective emotional intelligence of your team and learn to read and navigate the emotions of others.



Understand how to support your brain and gain insights on how to maximize your energy, as well as the energy and engagement of your team.

Put Yourself In The Driver’s Seat and Master Your Fate

If you or other leaders in your organization want to:

  • Be seen as highly respectable
  • Increase career progression
  • Be heard and valued
  • Have more self-confidence
  • Experience more balance between work and home life
  • Feel a sense of calm and control about priorities, workload, and managing the work of others
  • Help others get along better so everyone can achieve their goals
  • Be the leader everyone wants to work for

…then you’re in the right place!

Opportunities like this, don’t come along very often. The fact is, leaders face a unique set of challenges. This video series helps leaders win.


Emotional Intelligence as the Critical Foundation for your Leadership Success

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Jump Start Your Journey

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• Take control of thoughts, feelings, and actions
• Strategically manage behavior and interactions with others to build positive relationships
• Make better decisions (& more quickly)
• Increase the whole team’s performance
• Help others get along better
• Improve sales revenue and customer service experiences
• Have an increased awareness and ability to empathize with others
• Increase engagement levels of employees
• Get promoted and promote the right people
• Be a highly respected leader that everyone wants to work for!

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Meet The Mastermind Behind It All


For 20 years, Kat Rippy has worked with organizations across the United States ranging in size from 20,000+ employees to a small office of 30 as well as many individuals who run their own small businesses. She has coached an endless stream of leaders in a variety of positions and businesses to reach their goals and make critical shifts in their effectiveness. Additionally, Kat has presented, facilitated, and trained more than 10,000 participants in various leadership topics, keynote addresses and all-hands organization-wide events.

Kat knows what it takes to lead people. With her extensive consulting background in organization development, she’s experienced in working with the organization as a whole to enhance cultural and systemic improvements through coaching, strategic planning, employee development programs and strategic talent management. As a Board Certified Coach, her clients benefit greatly from her system-wide perspective and understanding of how to improve performance through tools and techniques mastered by the world’s greatest leaders.

Optimize Your Brain. Maximize Your Energy. Become A Better Leader.

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