Let Horses Be Your Guide to Leadership Greatness

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Why Horses?

Horses live only in the present and are therefore able to give clear, direct, and immediate feedback which allows you to experience a deeper awareness of yourself in the moment as well. The horses mirror our thoughts and emotions and allow us to see ourselves as others see us.

They show us how we are getting in our own way and also how others receive our behavior.

Since humans also tend to use similar coping mechanisms across situations, interacting with horses can help us to identify the communication patterns we defer to in our everyday lives. They enable us to start practicing the adjustments needed to facilitate positive change in our behavior. This means that results can be fairly immediate and many participants credit their experience with the horses as more valuable than years of coaching or therapy!

Come Spend a Day on the Ranch with Horses!

We are careful to create a safe environment for learning and we compassionately guide each participant through his/her own experience.

"I immediately stopped chasing after my employees to do their work and saw that by always checking in to support them I was actually getting in their way. Not only have I been able to calm down and enjoy my role (and my life!) more, but we are actually making better progress on our goals and getting stuff done then we ever have." — Participant running operations for Quick Service Restaurant chain


Feel frustrated with not being able to get their team into a high-performing groove
Are unable to make progress toward a big goal or vision
Want to improve their relationships with those they interact with most frequently
Are in a state of overwhelm, and aren't sure how to get out of the cycle
Want to maintain a positive reputation in their field
Want to be sure they are having a positive impact as a leader

What Happens at the Ranch

  • 1:1 interaction with a horse to practice goal-setting, clear directions, and follow-through
  • Receive instant feedback from the horse about teamwork and communication
  • Learn how to shift in the moment to create new outcomes
  • Discover unique strengths and style through non-verbal and verbal activities
  • Fun learning with colleagues outdoors and in nature
  • Practice leadership and communication skills
  • Understand how to conserve energy and decrease burnout
  • Participate in activities designed to positively impact cooperation, communication, and clarity within a team

After Your Experience on the Ranch, You Will Have Gained:

about the minor adjustments you can make to immediately improve the effectiveness of your interaction with others

into what might be getting in the way of those you interact with and how you can support them to work better with yourself and others

with others who have had a meaningful experience with you on the ranch

about your future and the amazing things you’ll achieve moving forward

Meet Your Guides

Renee Sievert, RN, MFT
Master Coach, Equus Coach
Kat Rippy, M.S.
Board Certified Coach and Leadership Consultant

I realized how much I was getting in my own way by not having the clarity I needed to confidently speak to the design of strategies and solutions I brought to the table. I immediately saw a positive impact from approaching things differently when I went back to work! — Learning and Development Leader

Join us in our upcoming retreat in beautiful Ramona, California

Energize Leadership is hosting an upcoming Horse Retreat for Leaders in Ramona, California.

Check here for dates.

To make the experience as intimate and impactful as possible, there is extremely limited space (only 12 spots available!).

Individual Pricing: $547

Group Pricing (3 or more): $450 per person

"I was able to gain clarity that I needed to shift into the work I really love doing and gain more confidence in what I'm great at. Six weeks after the retreat I quit my job and have gained clients doing the work I'm meant to do!" — Participant who moved from Compliance Management Role to Interior Design

“My biggest takeaway is to be true to my feelings in whatever I do.” — Previous Participant

Leadership Lessons on the Ranch

Horses are a powerful tool for learning about ourselves, how we communicate, and how others receive us. One day on the ranch can unlock the precise insight you need and can result in huge transformations in your personal effectiveness. Whether with an “intact” team or with a mixed group, the horse experience is an individual one, and everyone learns from each other. When you have a team experiencing it together, the lessons go deep and can quickly impact how the group works together back in the office.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Participants who chose to fully immerse themselves in the experience with horses will spend about 15-20 minutes inside a round pen with a horse, walking and moving around the pen.

Participation with the horse is actually voluntary. You can learn quite a bit from the experience of others so if you are there and decide you would prefer to observe, you are able to make the choice that makes you most comfortable! That said, many people actually overcome a lifelong fear of horses after they join us on the ranch and understand how to connect with a horse in a new way!

No – you will work with a guide through the whole experience and will have the choice to have a guide in the pen with you and the horse or if you would prefer to be in the pen with the horse alone.

Wear comfortable and breathable clothing that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty! We will be on a real ranch, after all. Closed-toe shoes are a must. You will not be riding a horse so gym shoes or boots are appropriate. It will likely be quite warm so bring layers or a jacket! Bring sunscreen since we will be in the sun for the majority of the day.

Feel free to get into the spirit and wear any cowboy/girl attire you have. We will definitelyohh and ahh over your fancy boots, your big belt buckle, or your impressive hat!

Remedy Ranch, 22969 Vista Ramona Rd, Ramona, CA 92065

We highly recommend the Rancho Bernardo Inn and will arrange for a carpool to bring all guests who are staying there to the Ranch together.

During the workshop, you will have multiple interactive learning exercises that are specifically designed to discover a deeper level of understanding of leadership skills, clear communication, and roles among a team. The equine-assisted exercises support the development of effective shared leadership, collaborative partnership and authentic Presence.

The morning sessions are designed to support awareness and individual exploration of leadership style, communication style, and creative competencies. You will have an opportunity to practice congruent communication and learn to read non-verbal feedback and adjust responses to create different outcomes. These activities are directly related to how individuals connect to others including clients/customers/community partners. You will have an opportunity to practice and create a collaborative partnership on-the-spot with your equine partner.

The afternoon sessions focus on implementing the individual insights gained throughout the morning to create a powerful, effective and cohesive group or team. Participants will be split into smaller groups and will participate in equine-assisted team activities in an arena. There are opportunities to witness how people work together in an unfamiliar setting with a challenging task that includes non-verbal communication and horses. There is a debrief after each activity to allow discussion and discover how individuals showed up in the exercise, how that plays out in the work environment, and what they could do differently to communicate more clearly to create positive, effective collaborations and teams.

Equus is a powerful experience. On the ground interactions with horses can provide immediate feedback in relation to clarity of communication, leadership style and more. This type of awareness can create a profound shift for you and frequently provides a valuable takeaway from the day.


“My interaction with horses allowed me to gain a deep understanding of my energetic patterns, how I show up in this world, and what I bring to relationships. This is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind experience that every leader should encounter. I personally left with an emotional high, a strong sense of self-awareness, and an unbreakable bond with a beautiful horse. I cannot recommend this enough!”
“I felt so connected and trusted with the horse – something I never experienced with others. Now I know it is possible to experience and I’m so excited to be able to play with this new ability to have the impact I’m trying to have in my real world.”
“Profoundly exhilarating to understand my impact as I was in the flow with the horse.”
“The horse activity actually allowed me to work through my internal conflict in a very real and meaningful way. Through the interaction I discovered that I can in fact lead and influence effectively, but I first have to be comfortable myself taking on the role as leader, and I have to be clear on exactly what I want to happen”
“Oh, how one experience can change a history of beliefs and management style. My recent experience with a beautiful, majestic and powerful horse will forever change me. The fear of letting others see me struggle became almost paralyzing. I work in organizations where leaders are expected to know all of the answers. As I stood there with the horse hoping my fear was not evident, I was forced to share my vulnerability with those around me.
It allowed me to try something new, despite the fact that I might fail. And guess what, I did not fail.
As a female leader, I actively try to suppress my emotions and lead solely through logic and reason.
But, I was able to connect and lead through vulnerability and emotion which can be powerful tools when used in conjunction with logic and reason.”
“I immediately felt intimidated by the thought of not being able to establish a connection with the horse. But our wonderful Equus coach tactfully unpacked these nerves with me and helped us to get acquainted!”