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What We Do

The clients we serve are born leaders. The problem? They’ve got a tremendous amount of potential that remains untapped. And because of that, their biggest strengths—those that change the game for their employees, clients, partners and themselves—have yet to be seen.

We’re in the business of developing game-changers—natural born leaders who dare to play at their highest level—because operating at the status quo is simply not an option.

We equip passionate people who are eager to grow, learn and improve with a dynamic fusion of strategies, tools and private coaching that strengthens emotional intelligence, promotes innovative thinking and creates an undeniable competitive advantage.

Option 1


Our coaching programs are designed to accelerate the leadership development process through individualized, high-impact tools and learning activities alongside a progressive coaching partner.

This approach can be scaled organizationally and help leaders across the business to fully step in to their leadership roles and take the reins on making a positive impact…quickly.

We keep our packages simple – so we can jump in and get going. All of our packages include the following on a monthly basis:

  • Unlimited access to coach via video, phone, and e-mail
  • On-demand learning for development in targeted areas
  • Access to the Leadership Vault
  • 3-month minimum commitment


Looking for support on specific short-term challenges

Transitioning to a new role

Taking on new responsibilities

Need support in tackling leadership-specific skills

Want to lead a life they love while doing work that makes a difference

Looking to elevate their leadership game

Have goals they want to achieve

Working with a new boss

Looking for support on specific short-term challenges

Gained a promotion or new position

We work with leaders who are brand-new to coaching as well as seasoned, well-developed leaders with years of experience. We believe everyone can benefit from a trusted coach and we work hard to ensure leaders are paired with a coach who’s experiences are suited to their goals and matches their mojo.

Option 2


We pave a path for leaders to show up powerfully in the workplace so they steer exceptional team performance, create influential relationships, command more respect and crush their goals. We regularly add the following options to support high-level leaders to best support them in achieving their goals:


…of the leader’s environment. The coach will join meetings and other workplace activities to gain real-time insights and provide impactful feedback and strategies that help in speeding up the leader’s results.

Peer Learning Groups

where leaders meet together (virtually) with a facilitator to discuss similar challenges and learn from each other. This is a great way to build strategic relationships and gain broader perspective. Peer learning groups can be designed for groups of internal leaders as well.


to discover and understand key drivers, inherent talents, motivators and behaviors and Multiview Feedback from others with whom he or she works on a regular basis to better understand the experiences and needs of those who matter most.

A Leadership Strategy

…to lay out a plan for development and set goals for successful outcomes.

Energize Leadership Roadmap to Success Corporate Coaching Online Program



A 6-Week Program to Launch Leaders in the Right Direction

For leaders who are brand new to the world of coaching and development, we highly recommend a more immersive launch point to set themselves up for a lifetime of leadership success.

Find the clarity you need to get out of your way and blast through to the impact you know you are meant to have!

Option 3


We are here to support leadership across your entire organization.

After years of delivering leadership development solutions to organizations around the globe, we know one thing to be true: supporting all leaders at every level is the only way to achieve a positive, results-focused, dynamic organizational culture.

Connect with us to so we can hear more about your goals and challenges and how we could support you in scaling coaching and development solutions for all of your leaders.


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"Control is not leadership; management is not leadership; leadership is leadership. If you seek to lead, invest at least 40 percent of your time in leading yourself--your own purpose, ethics, principles, motivation, conduct. Invest at least 30 percent leading those with authority over you and 15 percent leading your peers."

— Dee Hock

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