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What Separates Good Leaders From Great Leaders?

Great leaders are great leaders because they focus on the leadership part of their role. They put leadership first.

When you put leadership first, you:

  • Are able to spend quality time with people who matter
  • Have a clear vision and direction that others are on board with
  • Are able to make good decision making in an efficient manner
  • Are supportive and make others feel appreciated
  • Are positive and encouraging
  • Are able to think about and incorporate big picture, long term realities
  • Have other’s backs and take the hit on their behalf when it’s the right thing to do


These are just a few of the things people point to when we talk about what great leaders do. If you want to boost your career, improve the results you’re getting, and make sure your team is a well-oiled machine, the key to your success is to start putting leadership first.


Even if you are a natural leader, you get better at it over time. We’re always learning and adapting, and new situations (like a new team, a new product, a new technology, heck, a new government) require that we evolve. So even if you have the leadership edge in that you enjoy being a leader and are naturally oriented to it, you still have to roll up your sleeves and work at it.

Leadership requires that you are always tuned in to what is going on and that you make adjustments all the time. Leadership is actually a lot of work, really. So the leaders who stand out as the great names (you know, the famous ones) have developed quite a discipline in order to be a great leader.

One of the first things we do at Energize Leadership to help leaders put leadership first is to build an infrastructure. A solid foundation.

Open-Enrollment Workshops

Join us at one of our signature workshops, Leadership First: Lay Out Your Leadership Strategy for 2019, where we help leaders move their leadership efforts from reactive to proactive and stop getting in their own way!

Leadership First is a full-day workshop where leaders roll up their sleeves, lay out a strategic leadership plan, and establish a solid infrastructure to guide their leadership efforts.

And yes – we do meet in Sunny San Diego. You’ve been meaning to visit, right? This is your chance.

On-Site Workshops

Have you been looking for resources to help the leaders in your organization tackle the critical elements of leadership so they can build strong and productive teams, stay on track with their goals, and retain your top talent? Look no further!

At our on-site workshops, we help leaders put structure in place that supports them for the long haul. We educate them on the most important foundational elements of leadership and then work with them to apply their own unique situations so they can immediately integrate new leadership practices.

Custom Solutions

Knowing each individual has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, we’re pleased to offer leadership development solutions customized to meet leaders exactly where they’re at and position them to advance to the next level rapidly.

Whether workshops on particular topics, coaching for individuals who need to get on track, or a custom Leadership Action Plan tailored to the specific goals and needs of your organization, we’re here to meet you where you are!

Leaders at every level are integral in carrying out the living, breathing, actions, and experiences of the entire organization. They are like the neurotransmitters of the brain – if they are not working well, everything else starts to not work well.

Each leader has a long-reaching impact on employees, customers, and all related stakeholders. Therefore supporting leaders in their effectiveness has a direct positive impact on the bottom line.

It’s time to put leadership FIRST!

Meet The Mastermind Behind It All


For 20 years, Kat Rippy has worked with organizations across the United States ranging in size from 20,000+ employees to a small office of 30 as well as many individuals who run their own small businesses. She has coached an endless stream of leaders in a variety of positions and businesses to reach their goals and make critical shifts in their effectiveness. Additionally, Kat has presented, facilitated, and trained more than 10,000 participants in various leadership topics, keynote addresses and all-hands organization-wide events.

Kat knows what it takes to lead people. With her extensive consulting background in organization development, she’s experienced in working with the organization as a whole to enhance cultural and systemic improvements through coaching, strategic planning, employee development programs and strategic talent management. As a Board Certified Coach, her clients benefit greatly from her system-wide perspective and understanding of how to improve performance through tools and techniques mastered by the world’s greatest leaders.


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