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Our Approach

At Energize Leadership, we know the challenges leaders face today are so different from just 10 years ago. Our programs combine the most effective concepts, tools, and methodologies to meet you where you are and get you where you’re going as quickly as possible.

We align all of our offerings around our holistic model of leadership: Connect, Engage, Perform.

The Energize Leadership Model captures the needs and requirements of today’s leaders and organizes our robust array of development tools, strategies, courses, and events designed to meet the unique leaders we support on their journey to greatness.


Know yourself. Know others. Connect.

Relationships are the number one key to success in today’s world. In order to have strong relationships you must first connect with yourself. In the CONNECT facet of the Energize Leadership Model, we take time to discover more about you and what your key drivers and talents are.

Keep your core relationships strong – they are your foundation. Take care of yourself so you can do more for others. Be the energy you want to put out into the world.

So CONNECT is really about putting on the oxygen mask first yourself. This is your foundation and it is only with a strong foundation that you can truly thrive and live the life you are meant to live.


Be Present. Have presence.

Engage is about how you show up and how you inspire and engage others. The ENGAGE facet is about being deliberate, being aware, and energizing others. It’s about building an intentional culture and connecting the employee experience and the customer experience to bridge the work that is done to the outcomes achieved.

Engage the people who matter the most – employees, customers, & family – so they can be their best too. People are the driving force and it is only through channeling positive, engaging energy that greatness happens. We work on fine tuning the balance of work hard, play hard. Of achieve, rest, repeat.


Clarify. Perform. Celebrate.

Perform is about building an organization that is performance-focused and engages in challenging conversations about how to best achieve optimal levels of performance.

Building a creative and innovative culture, open and ready to redesign processes, re-engage stakeholders, or introduce new products and services is imperative for being nimble and adaptable for the future opportunities and situations. Actively maintaining an agile culture is an effort you’ll learn to be conscious of and deliberate in achieving.

Optimal performance is like a wheel in motion, a continuous cycle looping back around for more. An agile culture is the traction for the wheel. We make performance a conscious and deliberate way of achieving success.

A Holistic and Comprehensive Approach

Each of the three FACETS build upon each other. You can’t get to “Perform” unless you have excelled in both “Connect” and “Engage.” They look simple enough, but each core element actually covers quite a bit of key content.

The Three Facets of Leadership encompass twelve ELEMENTS that guide our solutions, programs, and approaches for working with leaders and organizations.





Identify your strengths, preferences, needs, and perceptions of others in order to better manage your energy and maximize your impact

Effectively communicate a compelling vision that inspires the commitment of others

Map a strategy to set outcome-focused goals and drive performance conversations

Understand your key drivers, contributions, and values to get clear on your vision and lead with intention


Establish a strong culture and a healthy working environment that attracts and retains top talent.

Get organized and beat overwhelm by systematizing and prioritizing how you work alone and with others


Establish what you need to sustain your energy and operate in your zone of genius

Enable employees as ambassadors of your mission and brand to build strong customer relationships that inspire loyalty

Tune up your processes, maximize innovation, and improve the way work gets done


Nurture meaningful connections with those who matter most in your life and work

Create a work environment that is fun, where wins are celebrated, and that encourages continuous evolution

Adopt an approach for regularly reviewing performance on intended outcomes and celebrating success

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"Great leaders encourage leadership development by openly developing themselves."

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