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We can all agree that Millennials are… different. Love it or hate it, they are transforming the workforce more and more each day. Whether you are excited or nervous about their “disruptive” ways, it’s important to recognize the obvious: Millennials aren’t in high school anymore. They’re older and wiser and many are rapidly growing into […]

Congratulations! You have finally claimed that new title, increased position, or new team member you have been trying to hire!  It seems you’ve climbed the mountain and….arrived! Not so fast turbo. Take a minute to raise the glass and celebrate…and then…let’s get to work.     I know, that sounds like a real downer. But one of […]

February 21, 2018


by: Energize Leadership


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At Energize Leadership we are all about supporting you on your journey to success!  Last week, we discussed the first element of connection, where we covered topics such as your strengths, purpose, values, and style to build a strong foundation of clarity and focus. But then what?  After spending a bit of time quietly synching […]