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Kat Rippy partners with inspired leaders who yearn to fulfill purposeful life goals. Her supportive approach provides the guidance you need to blast through limiting obstacles and achieve extraordinary results.

She is a sought-after keynote speaker, business strategist, and expert in leadership excellence. She achieves breakthrough results for business leaders and entrepreneurs alike, in transforming their leadership approach to maximize impact.

Kat’s Experience Includes:

Kat offers engaging, inspiring, and fun presentations on Leadership, Purpose, Thriving in a New Leadership Role, Engagement, Emotional Intelligence, Achieving Success in Life and Work.

Sample Speaking Topics

Customized to serve the needs of your group

  • Are You the CEO Your Business Needs You to Be?
  • Doing it Your Way Without Getting in Your Own Way
  • Building a Business that Lasts is Easier than You’re Making It
  • Aligning Your Team to Achieve Your Vision
  • Your Leadership Edge: Purposefully Planning Your Leadership Efforts
  • Best Practices for Launching into a New Leadership Role: Increase Engagement, Drive Connections, and Achieve Results
  • Master Leadership and Life by Harnessing Your Energy
  • Well-Being And Your Bottom Line: Why It Matters & What To Do About It
  • How to Leverage the Experience Economy to Boost Your Business
  • Up-Level Your Leadership and Your Life by Creating More Whitespace
  • Don’t Be a Lame Leader: How to Embrace the Leader Within to Stand Out from the Crowd

Prior Speaking Engagements

Your Trusted Partner

A renegade at heart, Kat is a well-respected industry expert with 20 years of experience in leadership consulting and has uniquely blended her background in consumer research, business strategy, and leadership coaching to provide a system-wide perspective and serve as a catalyst for leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs.

Kat has worked with organizations across the United States ranging in size from 20,000+ employees to a small office of 30 as well as many individuals who run their own small businesses. Additionally, Kat has presented, facilitated, and trained more than 10,000 participants in various leadership topics, keynote addresses and all-hands organization-wide events.

High Fives for Kat's Sessions

The session was truly outstanding. It knocked MY socks off! I loved how you had us on our feet intermittently, games that although simple, really helped us FEEL the concepts, and the focus on the future was so creative yet the activities were effective to move us forward after the session. The whole engagement was so well-orchestrated – just fantastic. I’m already implementing ideas back at work and others on the executive team are saying this was one of the best days of the year! – Department Head & Executive Team Member

The material was well researched. Experience and knowledge was shared in a way to help me understand the concepts. I really appreciated the interactive learning which pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have a re-awakened awareness that part of my job should be to be better at my job. The passion you showed during our short time together was contagious and your love for the subject matter was clearly visible. Truly inspirational. – Management Attendee

Kat’s practical and realistic approach means hiring her make good business sense. She follows simple processes that help achieve results. She feels like part of the team. In a nutshell, she is awesome! – SVP, Human Resources

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A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see, and who sees before others see.

— Leroy Eimes

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