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According to a recent article in Fortune magazine, most Americans are unhappy at work.  We also know, from years of our own research, that most of the unhappiness is pointed directly at leadership.

That’s where we step in.  

We equip leaders to step into their strengths, elevate their leadership skills and create a life they love on a daily basis.

The trickle-down effects throughout the entire organization are tremendous.

We’re making organizations better one leader at a time by helping them put Leadership First.

Leadership First Workshop

Every leader needs to start here.

Leadership First is a full-day workshop where leaders roll up their sleeves, lay out a strategic leadership plan, and establish a solid infrastructure to guide their leadership efforts. With a winning leadership strategy, leaders who attend are equipped to lead with intention and move the leadership part of their job from reactive to proactive.

In just one day, leaders have what they need to be the leaders their employees and organization needs them to be and the positive impacts spread into every relationship at every level.

The Leader Success Kit

Built for leaders at any level who are transitioning into a new role – whether inheriting or launching a new team, stepping into unchartered territory, or taking on a new higher level of responsibility.

The Leader Success Kit is a combination of coaching support and access to specific modules from the Leadership Vault that are chock full of insight on critical leadership skills. This program provides leaders with the practical tools, smart strategies, and proven success systems they need to make a significant impact in 90 days.

Energize Leadership Roadmap to Success Corporate Coaching Online Program

Leadership Roadmap to Success

Leadership Roadmap to Success is a unique assessment-based program designed to increase self-awareness and understanding of individual differences to unlock key insights that fuel success in relationships, productivity, and overall happiness.

We’ve blended the convenience of our online learning platform with one-on-one coaching to support leaders in clarifying their development focus and prioritize their efforts.

The program provides a clear path forward so leaders can focus on the right things, maximize their strengths, and connect to others in a way that supports long term success.

The Purposeful Leadership Program

Our signature leadership program is unlike any other. The Purposeful Leader program is for leaders who are ready to elevate their game and stand out from the crowd. It is a masterfully created full-year of individualized support including assessments, one-to-one coaching, collaboration with other leaders, experience-based retreats, and full access to the Leadership Vault. There are no programs like this available today.

Leaders who are committed to being great leaders raise the bar and don’t disappoint when they join the ranks of those who are equally driven to succeed!

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“You deserve to thrive, shine, and succeed. Give yourself the gift of opening your mind to a world beyond what you have been taught to believe in. A world of infinite possibilities. Experience the shift you have been longing for!”


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