How to leverage the Experience Economy to boost your business

As technology takes over more and more of how we do things and interact with each other, we’ve lost our ability to connect to what matters most – to ourselves and to each other.  Our heads have been committed to our computers, our phones, and our technology for so long that we’re burnt out.  Our lives are quite simple, even though we’re overwhelmed.  

We don’t need to hunt our food or make our clothes and the things we need to live our lives are quite easy to come by these days, but we’re craving activities and experiences that stir our soul – that satisfy our need for action, for fun, for interaction, and for connection.  We crave this in what we buy, where we go, what we do, and where we work.

That’s where the Experience Economy comes in.  


There are many types of “experiences” that matter to people such as usability, service, luxury, status, culture, well-being, memorable & heightened experiences, transformative experiences, and purpose-focused.  As you can see, “experiences” are not just the act of “going on an adventure,” but also can be an added dimension of receiving service, or even shifting day-to-day activities from mundane to rewarding.   

The great news for you is that you can leverage “experiences” for both your customers AND your employees to transform your business results.

This means, really learning about the needs and desires of both.  It also means tuning into every part of their experience with your company and continuously fine-tuning it.  You may think you’re doing this with your product and “customer service,” or even your “employee feedback,” but I guarantee you can take it to another level.

How can you key into the customer experience and the employee experience to bring new opportunities to the table and increase your profitability?

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