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Remote Work Done Right: How to Make Working Virtually “Work” Well for Everyone

Join us as we discuss how to avoid the main pitfalls that come from working remotely and learn from those who’ve done it well to implement best practices that keep your team engaged, energized, and productive!

Emotional Intelligence as the Critical Foundation for Your Leadership Success

6 Steps to Successfully Transitioning Into Your New Leadership Role

HR: Your Role In Performance Improvement

Creating more whitespace in your life webinar

Creating More Whitespace In Your Life


Emotional Intelligence: Managing Your Energy for Productivity and Happiness

An online video series guaranteed to help you optimize your brain, maximize your energy and become a better leader.

The program includes 3 highly effective brain and energy management training videos and 4 downloadable resources that are guaranteed to make you a more effective leader.

DISC Personal Style Assessment

The DISC assessment gives you a better understanding of how you respond to conflict, what you need to be effective and efficient in your work, what motivates and inspires you, how you approach problems and decision-making, and your preferences for communicating with others.

Everyone has a “natural” style and the DISC helps you understand, appreciate, and navigate your own style as well as the styles of others.

StrengthsFinder Assessment

The assessment that will help you to bring your best self forward and make you feel like you are winning every single day! CliftonStrengths helps you to understand the positive impact you can have by adopting a strengths-based approach.

By leveraging your strengths, you’ll see an increase in your engagement and productivity like never before. Let CliftonStrengths unleash the leader within you!


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