Connecting Your Purpose to the Brand of “You”

Let’s be real here – how many “lackluster” leaders have you experienced?  You know the ones. They’re unenthusiastic, lack clarity, a bit uneasy, or just plain…gasp… uninspiring?  Now let’s be really honest here – just between you and I – are you one of them? Maybe just a little? Well, I’ll be honest.  Most of us have a real opportunity to take reflect a little bit on how we’re showing up for others. We have a lot going on, a task list a mile long, a never-ending need to follow-up with people, and it’s a real stretch just to stay on top of the day-to-day, let alone stay ahead of the game.  Taking a reflective look at ourselves….yeah, that’s pretty much on the bottom of the list!

Leader friends, we grabbed an opportunity to meet up with JuliAnn Stitick because she will kick you into high gear and, without hesitation, let you know exactly what you can do to connect your outward actions and appearance to your purpose, your intentions, and the goals you seek to achieve.  She is a gifted brand expert who helps her clients connect personal brand and identity, company culture, and customer experience to align with purpose and clarity to increase influence, visibility, and profitability! You don’t want to miss our podcast episode with JuliAnn

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In the meantime, for the major headlines, read on for what JuliAnn has to say!

The paycheck for your heart.

Life’s too short to work solely for a pay check. What is it that drives you? What skill sets, talents, and personality traits do you bring? These values as an individual are what drive you. If you want to walk around as more than a “zombie,” your work needs to align with something greater than yourself.

Start with purpose and reverse engineer your brand to highlight it.

Identify the “why” of your “why.” The passion that comes from zoning in on your “why” is the most magnetic and drives you to high levels of engagement in your work. Once you identify what your purpose, then build out the skills, personality, and your work to highlight it. Others can then connect with the authentic you in alignment with the impact you want to have.

The five and five exercise.

Reach out to 5 acquaintances and ask them to give you 5 adjectives which they think describe you. Look for the common threads and reflect on where those show up for you. We don’t always see ourselves how others do.  Be more of who you naturally are!

It’s as simple and complex as just being yourself.

We grow up bombarded by so many messages about how we are supposed to show up, it can be really confusing. The trick is to find out who you really are. Be yourself and be comfortable with yourself. Don’t be afraid to push the corporate envelop just a little bit. Express your individuality in any way possible. While you probably want to be respectful of the dress code, find a statement and use it to express who you are in a way that works.  Stand out in a way that’s true to you.

Self-care is HUGE!!!

Focus 100% on taking care of you so you can achieve your purpose as a healthy, happy individual. Hydration, movement, meditation, gratitude, taking care of your appearance. Every day is a special occasion, so practice daily self-care. We shine brighter when we look good and feel good, and when we shine brighter, we attract others to our purpose.

Alright leader friends, you’ve now got a head start on showing up in alignment with your purpose. If you could use a helping hand in building the brand of you, we highly recommend checking out JuliAnn’s brilliant books that help you build the brand of you!  More power to you!!