Episode 2: Is vacation time more trouble than it’s worth?



Is vacation time more trouble than it’s worth?

Join Andi and Kat as they talk about the dark side of what you always hope to be the “best weeks” of your year!


Using your PTO is meant to provide rest and recuperation, an opportunity to connect with others, get stuff done, or at the very least, be away from your daily work routines.  Rarely do we talk about the disruption and hassle of taking time off, how it can impact our colleagues and how much work it creates for ourselves.  Kat and Andi talk about the realities of our time away from work and how we can better plan for and work together in making the most of it. If we want to truly benefit from being OOO, we need to be intentional about it! Kat and Andi share their thoughts on:

  • How important it is to get the most from your time off
  • How hard it can be for those still in the office
  • Ideas for how to better plan and work with others to make your time off count…for everyone
  • The importance of leveraging time away as the opportunity it really is


Check out the episode below:

What Do You Think?

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode. What’s your experience with time out of the office? How do you prepare for and return from your time away? Are you one of those who can’t let go of your work and relax?  How can you and those you work with make the most of everyone’s PTO?


Kat Rippy

Kat is the CEO of Energize Leadership, a full-service organization effectiveness consulting firm that helps leaders align people with organizational goals through leadership development and coaching, strategic planning and goal setting tools, assessment and feedback solutions, and team, retreat, and event facilitation expertise.  Kat guides CEOs and top executives as they take their business to the next level. Each phase of business growth requires unique adjustments to ensure the organization can continue to thrive as it grows. Kat and her team work alongside you to evolve strategically and enable your team to master transitions more fluidly, building a culture along the way that will sustain your organization through each growth cycle.

You can contact her at acampbell@wellsparkhealth.com.


Andi Campbell

Andi is the Chief Growth and Operations Officer for WellSpark Health where she drives development and execution of holistic, “total person” well-being programs to thousands of employees across the U.S. Andi is an experienced senior HR leader and previously SVP, Head of People + Culture for LAZ Parking, one of the largest parking companies in the world.  You can hear Andi’s passion for people in her TEDx Hartford talk or her DisruptHR talk. Honorably recognized as the Women in Parking Impact Award winner in 2020, Andi is also a registered yoga teacher, certified Intuitive Coach, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and black belt in Tang Soo Do. She has an MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, a BA in English and is currently studying to teach Qi Gong.

You can contact her at acampbell@wellsparkhealth.com.


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