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    Three Conversations Leaders Need to be Having with Kat Rippy There can be so much angst among people at work that could just be solved by having the right conversations with more frequency. It is really quite simple – lean in to what each employee needs to discuss, listen to what they have [...]
    Taking Time to Appreciate Employees with Kat Rippy Employee appreciation is a Big.Deal. When was the last time someone else made you feel FANTASTIC about the work you’re doing? Hopefully, it wasn’t too long ago. Wasn’t it great? Join me in reminiscing. Did it make you beam with pride? Did it make all [...]
    The One Meeting You Aren’t Having with Kat Rippy We’ve noticed there is a meeting that many leaders are not having...the strategy meeting! We’ve also noticed the strategy meeting makes a huge difference in tackling critical roadblocks so work can get done more effectively. The conversations in the strategy meeting are the conversations [...]
    Using Assessments for Forward Momentum with Kat Rippy In this episode we explore three specific types of tools that are used to understand and connect with your organization’s greatest asset – people: employee surveys, self- evaluations, and multi-rater feedback assessments. Check out the episode below: Highlights of this episode include: The reality of [...]
  Leveraging the DISC Assessment as a Tool for Improving Communication and Productivity with Bonnie Burn, DISC Certification Provider The DISC Assessment gives us valuable information on how we prefer to communicate and interact with others. It’s a simple, practical and highly accurate tool that measures communication behaviors. It does not measure intelligence, values, or [...]
The Real Reason Every Leader Needs a Coach with Kat Rippy Leader friends, today we are talking about my favorite topic - coaching! I am passionate about this topic because, not only have I created powerful results as a coach, but I've also experienced incredible breakthroughs and transformations with my personal coaches. I see the [...]
Your Seat at the Table with Kat Rippy Did you know one of the most important places for you to step IN to your leadership role is at the table?  In our years of working with leaders, we’ve noticed a significant gap in how they’re showing up at the table. Usually, development opportunities for such leaders are provided through “coaching [...]