Unique Experiences Bring Unexpected Transformations

How many times have you attended a training, a retreat, or a development program where you learned a whole lot, but left feeling like you didn’t know what to apply or what to do next? At Energize Leadership, we are all about blasting past this type of experience. So we’ve dug in on the very word “experience” and focus our efforts on ensuring the “experience” itself is what provides the clarity and action you need to make quick momentum.

That’s why we are thrilled to work with Renee Sievert, our resident “horse whisperer,” if you will. Renee’s been working with horses for over 20 years in her work with leaders and she is a phenomenal facilitator who knows so much about the human spirit that you can’t help but be transformed after spending time with her in the horse ring. So we decided to have a chat with Renee and bring you some nuggets of wisdom from the ranch so you can consider shaking up your efforts with a new kind of “experience!”

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Here’s some words of wisdom Renee shared with us from her time on the ranch:

#1 Try something new

People are really taking advantage of new and different learning experiences as they seek to broaden their horizons and be more effective and successful in both their personal and professional lives. They are finding new ways to learn about themselves and stretch beyond their comfort zones by getting out of their normal environment. It’s a great time to mix things up!

#2 Make adjustments

Sometimes we have big expectations that go unmatched by an experience we have. It’s important to make small changes and see what starts to make a difference. What works for one person may not work for others, or at least not right away. Small shifts can lead to big changes and we need to focus on our individual selves more than we focus on others.

#3 Horses bring the lessons!

Horses react to being startled by quickly seeking a safe space. Once they know that all is well in their world, they go right back to what they were doing. This ability to go back to zero is critical to their well-being. We humans need to be able to live in the moment like the horses – react to external stimuli, assess our position, take corrective action if necessary and go back to what we were doing. It’s important to live in the present and not hold on to the baggage of the past.

#4 Shift your R

There is a simple formula that helps make quantum leaps 🡺 E+R=O i.e. Effort +Response = Outcome. To get the outcome we want, sometimes the most important element is our response, our “R.” If your initial efforts do not result in the outcome you desire, adjust your response and keep doing so until you find the ideal formula that works for you.

#5 Check your weather!!

The dynamics in a group are often affected by the demeanour of the leader. Just as the members of a herd will be skittish if their leader senses danger, so our leaders can directly affect the atmosphere within our circles. As a leader, remember to check the weather you bring. If your associates plan a party every time you are away, may be they are just happy you have taken the dark clouds with you.

#6 Honour your instincts

In the world with all its busyness and constant bombardment from every side, know when you need to step back and take some time for yourself. Sometimes you need to just BE …just for a moment to get your universe realigned by whatever works for you.

Bonus Tip: Posture is important

Different postures and positions convey different messages. Horses communicate with you by non-verbal means so if you are upbeat, they have a spring in their step. Alternatively, when you are sad, you might just get a calm, loving nuzzle. In your personal and professional lives, adjust your posture. Bring positive, get positive in return! So leader friends, are you intrigued? We’d love to have you join us at our next Horse Retreat for Leaders!

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