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Join business executives Kat Rippy and Andi Campbell as they lean on years of experience (and a whole lot of humor) to tackle things at work that no one talks about... the unspoken misunderstandings that can lead to frustration, like the co-worker who cooks fish in the microwave or the leader who doesn't address "that" person who consistently derails a meeting. These conversations explore little things that become a really big deal, often impacting overall business results, personal wellbeing, and workplace culture. Unwind unspoken misunderstandings with Kat and Andi to make work better!

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  Episode 6: Did Your Hormones Come With You To Work Today?   We get it - you’ll be turning down the volume for this episode.  Although hormones and periods and all the fun stuff may make you blush and want to hide under a sheet, Kat and Andi take one for the team here [...]
  Is there a secret to managing it all?   Let’s be honest, we’ve got a lot going on.  Life is busy, we wear many hats, and it’s not always easy.  We often feel overwhelmed, disappointed with ourselves or our circumstances, and find ourselves off track. Yet we keep showing up, continuing to be productive, [...]
  How the heck should we dress these days?   Let’s tackle the overwhelming topic of what to wear now that the whole world seems to have turned into a high school classroom. Pajamas ok?  Are heels making a comeback?   One thing’s for sure, pantyhose are dead and Kat & Andi are here to [...]
    Is goal setting getting the best of you? Whether you’re a goal getter or a no setter, there’s plenty to talk about when it comes to goals.    Join Kat and Andi to consider the pros and cons of goal setting. How can we do away with “artificial” timelines, forced goals, and deflated [...]
    Is vacation time more trouble than it’s worth? Join Andi and Kat as they talk about the dark side of what you always hope to be the “best weeks” of your year!   Using your PTO is meant to provide rest and recuperation, an opportunity to connect with others, get stuff done, or [...]
    Are the Holidays Wreaking Havoc in Your Workplace? Join Kat and Andi as they have their inaugural discussion on “things we don’t talk about at work” - The Holidays!   Holidays can stir up angst and, at the end of the year, they seem to be never ending!  Kat and Andi deconstruct some [...]