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Death and Taxes: Making Your Life-Long Dreams Come True Before It's Too Late with Dena Oberst Dena Oberst is a Sales and Use Tax accountant and runs her own firm, the Gable Tax Group. We know what you’re thinking – taxes? Ugh. But this leading lady is the opposite of what you are thinking in [...]
Knowing When It's Time To Quit Your New Boss with Kat Rippy Lately, the Energize Leadership team has been working with several leaders who are dealing with a very real situation of having to adjust to a new boss and having a difficult time with it. We wanted to share some useful thoughts on the [...]
Leading A Self-care Revolution with Andi Campbell Highlights of this episode include: Andi's journey to her current role as the SVP of People and Culture at LAZ Parking Andi's non-traditional HR approach (and why it works!) How Andi and her team have fostered one of the most positive, heart-centered workplace cultures at LAZ Parking Practical [...]
Start-up Success: Launching A Business That Beat The Odds with Felicia Vieira Highlights of this episode include: Felicia's journey from HR manager to Founder and CEO of an international company Start-up realness: how Felicia navigated through the first year of her business Felicia's unique approach to running a flexible business Felicia's take on leading an [...]
Leading a Rockstar Team (and Life) with Jeremy Hirshberg Dr. Jeremy Hirshberg is currently the Chief Operating Officer and Management Consultant for Transitive Media, Specific Performance, and LeadClient (Start-up), which are marketing and advertising companies in the Legal sector. He is responsible for establishing the business strategies and leading their execution to improve organizational performance [...]
From Flipping Pizzas to Living the American Dream with Christine Willis We are VERY excited to share our first guest with you at The Everyday Leader podcast! Our guest, Christine Willis, is a ROCKSTAR when it comes to leadership. This fierce lady went from flipping pizzas to climbing her way up to a VP position [...]