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  How to Successfully Transition Into Your New Leadership Role with Kat Rippy Hello Leaders! Today I thought I’d cover a pretty hot topic – leaders in transition. A while back, we posted an article on how to manage a transition to a new leadership role after I realized that a many of the leaders [...]
  Administrative Staff as a Strategic Advantage: How to Be a Better Partner with Those Who Support You with Debbie Gross Debbie Gross is the former Chief Executive Assistant to the former CEO of Cisco and has over 30 years in the field of administrative service. She is not your typical administrative assistant. She is [...]
  More Than Just a Headshot: How Leaders Can Manage Their Own Personal Brand Through Visual Imagery with Stephanie Simpson Stephanie Simpson is a business and personal branding photographer with her own firm called Simpson Portraits. She started her company because she loves to help leaders like you show the world why you are different, and [...]
  Creating a Healthier World for Future Generations with Mim Michelove Today we are talking to a highly regarded leader who’s on a mission. Mim is the Executive Director of Healthy Day Partners, a non-profit organization working to nourish and heal people and our planet through healthier food systems, ecological practices, and environmental education. That [...]
  Knowing Yourself Better to Elevate Your Leadership with Kat Rippy There is an endless supply of opportunities for leaders to learn and grow— conferences, development programs, books— you name it. Yet we rarely discuss why it is so critical, or what kinds of opportunities you should strategically be seeking out. Many times, an organization or [...]
So You Didn’t Get That Promotion with Kat Rippy Today we're gonna tackle the big hairy monster that feels uncomfortable for most people. So many of us have been passed over by a promotion at some point in our careers and it Never. Feels. Good. This can be an awkward situation for every party involved - [...]
The Power of Showing up with Purpose: Intentionally Managing the Brand of You with JuliAnn Stitick JuliAnn Stitick is a brand expert who helps her clients connect personal brand and identity, company culture, and customer experience to align with purpose and clarity which results in increased influence and visibility, not to mention brand exposure and profits. [...]
Death and Taxes: Making Your Life-Long Dreams Come True Before It's Too Late with Dena Oberst Dena Oberst is a Sales and Use Tax accountant and runs her own firm, the Gable Tax Group. We know what you’re thinking – taxes? Ugh. But this leading lady is the opposite of what you are thinking in [...]
Knowing When It's Time To Quit Your New Boss with Kat Rippy Lately, the Energize Leadership team has been working with several leaders who are dealing with a very real situation of having to adjust to a new boss and having a difficult time with it. We wanted to share some useful thoughts on the [...]